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Greg Harris, WB9MII
(Formerly WN9MII, 1973)

I became fascinated by radio in 1970 by SWL'ing on a G.E. portable AM/FM/SW portable my folks had.  I SWL'd Ham's in 2 way contact on 40 meter AM (I remember W8RKW, W8HP and many others).  As a birthday present I was given a receiver that had a BFO and learned international Morse that way. 

In January 1973 Bob K9RPX kindly proctored my novice test and in Mid April 1973 I received my ticket as WN9MII in the mailbox.  With a borrowed Globe Scout , by BFO equipped RX and a Hertz antenna made of Bell Wire to a tree limb I commenced to burn up the 40 meter Novice band.  2 "rocks" and I was in business. 

Park Forest Illinois had roughly 50 licensed hams in the town limits in those days . One night in October 1973 an A1 OP and ace CW man "Slim" W9JMG answered my CQ at about 35 WPM below his accustomed speed and an Elmer/Young Squirt relationship was launched that lasted until Slim's becoming a silent key in 2000.  Bless his heart.  He taught me the fine art of J38 sending..The Amateurs Code (I don't hear much emphasis on that now..) handling traffic. 

One day Slim suggested I turn down the drive on the Globe Scout until I saw no meter indication ..and pump out a CQ or two.  I was dubious but my Elmer never steered me wrong .  One day before school I called CQ with very little RF going out and got an immediate answer from WN2SHL in NY.  I was hooked on QRP before it became fashionable. 

In 1974 I became a conditional tech.  Joined the USN as a radio striker in 1975..upgraded to General at the San Diego FCC office in 1979.  Today I burn up the either with an IC703 QRP rig and a succession of homebrew antennas.  Many changes in the ham radio racket..not all good ones..but I loved hamming at 14..and love it still

73 Greg WB9MII