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Michael Tracy, KC1SX
(formerly KA1TZA, 1989)

I was first licensed in the spring of 1989, as KA1TZA. Two long-time friends of mine got their licenses at the same VE session and they became KA1TZB and KA1TZC.

My first radio was a used Kenwood TH-31BT (low power 220 MHz HT) which I carried on a week-long motorcycle trip that the three of us took together. This was soon after "Novice Enhancement" gave voice privileges on a sliver of 10-meters, most of 220 MHz, and a portion of 1.2 GHz. Soon after we returned from the trip, we purchased 10 meter radios (I started with a converted CB and then got a Uniden HR-2510). This was a convenient way for us to stay in touch without me running up a long distance phone bill.

Sunspot cycle 22 was near its peak, so 10 was open a *lot*! The narrow Novice segment got crowded at times, so the lure of having the whole band, prompted the 3 of us to upgrade in a hurry. We passed the Tech in June (again at the same VE session), becoming N1GUR, N1GUS and N1GUT. N1GUS and I upgraded again in the fall; he to General and I to Advanced (I had blown the code when I went for the General, so I continued studying while I worked on my code speed).

73, Michael Tracy, KC1SX, Test Engineer

ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio