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Joe Montgomery, W1DWJ
(formerly, WN1DWJ, 1953)

I first became interested in Radio back in the early 1950's. My Aunt introduced me to an associate of hers who was a ham and he invited me to attend the "ElRay" amateur radio club on Lexington Street in Waltham, Massachusetts. I lived in Watertown, Mass at the time.

Soon I met the man who was to be my elmer. Bill Welsch of Cambridge, Mass. (W1SAD). He taught me the code and all I needed to know to pass my novice. That happened in 1953, I traveled to the Custom House (Build) in downtown Boston, Mass.

I was soon on the air (80 & 40 CW) with my new call (WN1DWJ)I had an old Millen exciter, but man it was fun. I remember one evening I was changing the 2 band coils from 40 to 80 and while pulling them out of their sockets together, my knee accidentally hit the key, needless to say I hit the wall. I learned my lesson that night.

Ham radio was all this young boy could think of I was 10 years old. Soon It was time to test for my general, and so another trip to the custom house and YES I passed the code and the theory and I was in 7th heaven.

I did let my license laps during the days of my early marriage and when the kids were growing up. I got the bug back some time later and reapplied to a new license. Well they gave me a new call (KA1UJG) Now let me ask you how could any self respecting ham endure UJG for long. I was fortunate to get my old call back through the vanity system.

Ham radio is a wonderful hobby, It taught me much as a young boy and still teaches me as a 66 year old duffer.

Thanks for letting me submit this story

Joe Montgomery