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Russ Roberts, KH6JRM (1977)

I was first licensed in 1977 as KH6JRM--a call I still retain.  Don Nakano was my elmer (I've forgotten his call).  I became a novice after years of broadcasting and military communications work.  I procrastinaged many years before making the leap into the "ether"  I went through all the license classes before reaching amateur extra in 2005. The novice experience was priceless. 

My first rig was a quirky HW-101 with a mind of its own.  I must have taken that rig apart at  least ten times before I got the bugs out.  I still have my old J-38 key as a momento of that time.  Reaching California with a homebrew vertical and 50 or so watts was a quite a thrill.  I wish I still had that old "hot water" 101.  I keep an old, but totally functional Kenwood TS-520S as a momento of those novice days.

With the exception of the local 40 meter island net, I don't heat up the atmosphere too much.  My work as a news director for nine radio stations keeps me busy, but I manage to keep the filaments warm on occaison.