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Ward Silver, N0AX
(Formerly WN0GQP, 1970)

After wanting to be a ham for several years, I finally got "Elmered" by WN0DYV Bill Ogroski, now KJ7PC, and passed my test in January 1971.  The license itself showed up in February of 1972 and I was off to the races.  We had a great little radio club at Parkway West High in St. Louis County, MO and did several contests from WA0WBJ's QTH - he had a Quad antenna and so was the Big Gun of the club.  Later, I got my Advanced and operated from WB0DYU Gerry Novak's station. (photo attached)  It was a great group and I really enjoyed horsing around with them.  It set the stage for a lot of success in ham radio and electrical engineering later in life!

73, Ward N0AX