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Phyllis Webb, WA4AIJ (sk)
(Formerly WN4IIF, 1969)

[Editor's Note: Normally the Novice Historical Society publishes stories hams have written about their novice year(s). The idea is to let hams speak in their own voice. Of course, it is not possible for a silent key to speak in their own voice. We normally do not publish silent key stories, however, Phyllis Webb, WN4IIF is a rare exception.  Her ex-husband, Tom Webb, W4YOK, (see his story on this website) is able to tell the story for her. Hers is a notable story for she achieved a WAS award while a novice and she was a YL.  QST published her photo.  Tom has another photo of her, see below].

wa4aijIn 1969, Phyllis Webb, WN4IIF, of Owensboro, KY became one of the few YLs to earn the Worked All States (WAS) award. QST in 1969 published her photo of her in her shack with her Johnson Viking Adventurer transmitter and Drake TR3 transceiver and her winning 50 QSL cards. In those days it was not uncommon to use the receiver of a transceiver with a VFO as only a receiver, and then, like Phyllis have a crystal controlled transmitter. Phyllis had 4-5 crystals for each of the novice bands. She used a military surplus J-38 straight key. All of her WAS contacts were novices. It took her only 8 months to work and confirm all 50 states. In the earlier picture above, Phyllis, who was pregnant at the time, is pictured in front some of her QSL cards. As a new mother she let her novice expire without upgrading.  She took her General and passed in Nashville, TN, in 1971.  She held WA4AIJ as a General.