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Dave Fuseler, NJ4F
(formerly WN4GGH, 1966)

I got my novice ticket during the summer of 1966.  I had a school chum whose father was a ham (WA4ICB - Who Alls 4 (for) Ice Cold Beer), and had the complete Collins setup, all tho I didn't understand the value of then.  I found out the local YMCA was holding a Novice class that summer, so I took it. 

WN4GGH StationI then heard of another school buddy who was selling some ham gear, so I bought it.  That's what you see in the picture:  a Hallicrafters SX-99, Johnson Viking Challenger and a Knight Kit Star Roamer.  Wish I still had them.  Notice that the speaker for the receiver is bigger than the receiver.  Also notice the Heathkit Twoer.  I am holding the mike to it, made some sort of stand for it.  I still have the Speed-X straight key I used then. 

The coax I had came also came from Herb, some military stuff he said it was.  It had two inner conductors which I just twisted together, and I think it had a double braid shield.  I remember loading up the transmitter into a 100 watt light bulb, and was afraid to load up past 75 watts for fear of being caught by the FCC.  When my ticket came in the mail, I called WA4ICB (Herb) up, and said let's get on the air.  So we did.  He kept going faster and faster, I had to call him on the phone and tell him to slow down.  Never forget that.

Dave, NJ4F