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Neil D. Friedman, N3DF
(formerly WN2VDR, 1966)

I had a typical mid-1960s Novice station, a Heathkit DX60 transmitter and matching HR10 receiver.  As most of the local high school-age Novices in my small town communicated with each other on a single two-meter AM frequency, I also had a Heathkit HW30 "Twoer" transceiver. 

On its side, the Twoer came with a built-in holder for its owner's Amateur Radio license.  I built the Twoer immediately upon mailing in my Novice examination to the FCC.  One of my happiest high school days was the one on which my Novice license arrived in the mail.  I immediately stuck it in the Twoer's side license holder and at that moment felt like a "real" ham.  I spent about eight months as an active Novice, building up my cw speed before venturing into downtown New York City to take the General exam at the FCC office.  I must have at least glanced over at my license affixed to the Twoer on almost every day during that period.  It inspired a lot of pride in my status as a licensed Amateur Radio operator. 

Neil D. Friedman N3DF