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Mike Chernus, K6PZN
(formerly KN6PZN, 1958)

I was a student at Hamilton High in Los Angeles from September 1957 to June 1960 and was in Jack Brown's electronic classes.  I did learn the code from Jack, but my father, Leon K6PZJ and his brother Joe K6PZM and I all took the Novice and Technician license tests in February.  Both my dad and uncle passed away many years ago.

I received KN6PZN in about February 1958 and K6PZN in about March 1958.  I am still licensed as an Amateur Extra Class K6PZN.  I have a BS from UCLA and MS from Cal State Long Beach in electrical engineering.   I have been an engineering consultant as Chernus Designs for more than 25 years with a speciality in antenna design and EMI/EMC reduction.

Jack Brown was the start of me getting serious about electronics and I visited him at Hami when he was still there and I was in LA.  I last saw Jack at a reunion picnic some years ago in LA.

Jack was the one who got all of us teenagers really into HAM RADIO and electronics.  I was one of many who operated K6CXI, the Hamilton High Radio Club station.  I also participated in field days with the club.

Mike Chernus

S'60 K6PZN