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Keith Synder, KE7IOW
(formerly KN6VRU, 1956)

I received my Novice license, KN6VRU effective December 28, 1956, after taking the test at 301 Spring St., Los Angeles.  I remember  studying a long time for the license, and also practicing code a lot!   I assembled a Heathkit DX-35 transmitter, and had purchased a used Hallicrafters SX-35 receiver.  My shack was a table in our unfinished house addition, with a copper-wire dipole antenna on the roof.  I  regret that I did not save any of my QSL cards, which were from stations up and down the West Coast and, as I recall, as far east as Illinois!  I tried and failed once for the General License, so let my Novice license lapse in December, 1957 in favor of girls and football, and was not struck by the radio bug until after I retired.   And now, fifty years later, I successfully earned my General, and have become active again as a Board member of the Stanwood-Camano Amateur Radio Club, call KC7MAP.  I enjoy "dabbling" in Amateur  Radio, particularly Emergency Communications, and I have joined the local Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) organization.


Keith Snyder, KE7IOW