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Al Burnham, K6RIM
(formerly KN6RIM, 1958)

Like many vintage hams, I was first licensed as a young teenager (age 15) in 1958.  My assigned call sign was KN6RIM.  1958 was the era of glow-in-the dark radios, no cell phones, computers, Internet.  Radio offered the allure of magically communicating through the airwaves.

These were the days of primarily AM voice and CW.  And lots of sunspots. 

KN6RIM's StationMy first receiver was a Hallicrafters S-85.  First transmitter was a homebrew crystal controlled 5-watter using a 6L6.  And a dipole antenna.

After a couple of months on the air, I wanted to be able to use a microphone and obtain more frequency privileges, so I upgraded to the General class license, and became K6RIM.

The homebrew transmitter was quickly replaced with a Globe Scout and Heathkit VFO.

Ten meters was hot back then, and I quickly became attracted to Dxing.  First real DX was KH6MG/ZK1 in the Cook Is.  Boy, I was forever hooked!

Flash forward over fifty years, and the magic is still there!  Having worked and confirmed all DX entities, I have maintained my interest by finding other mountains to climb: chasing new band countries and contesting.  Most of my activity is on CW.

The current rig is state-of-the-art: Icom IC-7800, Alpha 87A and M2 log periodic, computer logging, etc.  But my Novice days will never be forgotten.