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AL La Peter, W2AS
(formerly WN2SOQ, 1965; WB4DRF, KG4AL, W2IL)

I was initially licensed as WN2SOQ in 1965.  It was good for only 1 year and near the end I applied for the general class license but failed the 13 wpm code and was not permitted to take the theory portion; my license expired and for about 6 weeks I had no license.  I was not too happy with that but did get my general class license at the next sitting at the FCC.  You may recall, we had to wait at least 30 days for a re-examination.  My mentor was Bill Kennedy, W2AS (formerly 2AS) who was my father in law and a great human being.  I worked just about every state during this period on CW naturally and to this day am still quite involved with amateur radio (clubs) although now it seems to be mostly administrative and not too much operating. 

73,  AL LaPeter, W2AS