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Walt Beverly, W4GV
(formerly WN4HVC, 1961)

I was licensed as WN4HVC in summer of 1962 in Richmond, VA. My examiner was Bill Holiday, W4DKL. Still remember going to the last day of 8th grade with the precious ticket in hand to show off to all my friends. The first rig was a borrowed DX20 and a Heathkit AR-3 general coverage receiver with 80 and 40 meter inverted Vees. First contact was with WN4GMD in Norfolk, VA area. Talk about nervous. I had a ham buddy in the shack with me, Tom Snellings, WN4EME, now WB7ONU in WA, who thank goodness prompted me every time I froze. After that, there was no stopping me every afternoon after school except during football season. Later upgraded to a borrowed DX40 and still later to a DX60 which I got as a Christmas gift. It was built and working before Christmas vacation was over. Had 3 or 4 crystals for both 80 and 40 and one for 15 but I never heard anything on 15 with the AR-3. Upgraded to Conditional about a week after my Novice expired an
d then had to wait forever to receive the coveted Cnditional General ticket in the mail from FCC.

My dad got a novice ticket shortly after I did and was licensed as WN4LIC (SK). He realized the futility of the AR-3 even after I had inserted another 455 IF stage and a better audio amplifier into the mix by using a Heathkit EK-2B educational kit's circuitry. It did'nt help that much, but the old Heath QF-1 Q-Multiplier sure did. Anyway, dad bought "us" a barand new Hallicrafters ham band only HQ-170AC. It was hot and I was in hog heaven. I could finally hear on 15 and started working DX. Later we put up a rotable dipole for 10 meters and had even more fun with DX and the venerable old Fish Net every evening on 29.000 Megacycles (aka MHz). Just a bunch of locals who enjoyed shooting the breeze in the evening. I was the youngest participant.

I've since held WA3RDU and at one time reacquired WA4HVC as a secondary station license. Later gave up RDU when the FCC said only one license permisable. In early 90's, upgraded to Amateur Extra and applied for 1x2 vanity when that program opened up and got W4GV.

It has been and still is fun! keep the stories rolling in. It's good to reminisce.

Walt - W4GV