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Joe Trombino, W2KJ
(formerly WV2ZDF, 1962)

Got my Novice ticket in 1962 while in High School.  Took the test in that crummy old building in NYC....I have a picture of the old fellow with the very stern face who gave me my code test....I copied the photo out of an old Ham publication.

Got on the air as WV2ZDF using a homebrew 6V6 and S77 receiver and a J38 handkey.....pretty sad combo...was able to light up a 5w light bulb so guess I was QRP back in '62 (grin).

Moved up to a DX20 an NC190 and a 40M dipole and really started working stations.....finally got a VibroPlex bug and that brought great relief to my aching fist (grin).

I look at the NC190 on my operating shelf (sold my first one years ago...was lucky to be able to purchase another one a few years back) and then look over at the K3 and I am just amazed at the changes in technology we have seen in the past 46 years.

I wonder what changes will happen in the next 46 years???  I don't think I'll be around to see them though (grin).

73, Joe W2KJ

I QRP, therefore I am