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Bob Lightner, W4GJ
(formerly WN4JOM, 1961)

W4GJ's original Novice shackI learned about HAM radio while attending Sebring Boy Scout Camp back in 1961. Scouts needed to learn the Morse code in order to obtain the rank of First Class. A camp counselor, Steve Fried (WA4AMC), had a HAM station set up at the camp and he taught this fascinating language to me and other interested scouts. I couldn't get enough of this new subject! While my fellow scouts were boating or learning other skills, I kept sneaking back to learn more about HAM radio.

Steve told me that I could get my own license. He loaned me a copy of the ARRL License Manual and the next summer he had the exam ready for me to take. I passed and became a HAM operator at the age of 13. I saved money cutting people's lawns and was able to buy a Heath DX-40 and a Hallicrafters SX-110. Eventually I upgraded my receiver to a Drake 2B. I will include photos of my Novice station then, and now.

W4GJ's Novice ShackThe hobby has served me well, opening doors professionally throughout my lifetime. I was in Army MARS, served as a Signal Corps officer, worked for commercial radio and TV stations, PBS and have managed a TV studio at Santa Fe College (my present occupation since 1972).

My current set up is an Orion II and a IC-PW1 with a Force 12 antenna. In my truck I have a Yaesu FT-100D with the ATAS antenna. I work mostly high speed CW on the lower 25 of each HF band. I like to chase DX and also do contesting. I'm also the QSL manager for YS1EJ. Hope to meet you on the air some day!


Bob, W4GJ

Bob's E-mail bobw4gj@gmail.com

Bob's Web Site  http://www.afn.org/~w4gj/HAMpage.htm